Utah Information Systems

Intranet and Data Management - Utah Poison Control

Utah Poison Control needed a system to manage inventory, volunteers, employees, and sensitive data. We built the system from the ground up and used ColdFusion, Java, Oracle, and Javascript. The system included the following features:
  • Over 200 Functional Page Views and Reports
  • PDF Generation for Data Reporting
  • CSV/Spreadsheet Bulk Import
  • Security Compliance to meet HIPAA and University Of Utah Requirements
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Four tiered admin environment with Proxy

Content Management and System Administration - SchoolImprovement.com

School Improvement is an Educational Company dedicated to training educators and administrators. The company needed a system to manage their press releases, expert portfolios, product sales, and volumes of training information. We built a central admin that enabled the company to control their site, internal content, and store. The administration side is essentially a custom built HTML engine that generates files that are individually SEO optimized. The site features the following:
  • Static Page Generation Through Dynamic Content
  • Over 1000 Real-Time Streaming Videos
  • Custom Built FLV Player
  • Custom Built Store with Hundreds of Custom Drilldown Options
  • Improved site speed by over 80%
  • Fully Integrated CMS
  • Integration With Sugar API

Agent and Billing Management System - IronHorseInstallations.com

Ironhorseinstallations is a platform based on managing sign installations, offices, and agents. The web based interface enables users to create accounts and place orders based on a determined permissions set. This a custom system built specifically for the needs of the real estate market, where there are independent agents, as well as corporate users. The system generates reports over a date range for Order Reporting, Leasing Reporting, Inventory Reporting, and Billing Reporting. Features:
  • Scheduled billing cycles for special orders
  • Leasing schedules
  • Advanced session structure
  • Blue Stakes Integration
  • Built-in dispute handling

Architect Directory - Geographical Data Mining - directory.2modern.com

We built a searchable directory of modern architects based on location and search preferences. The system used mile calculations to create a geographical set of coordinates that defined a search region. Users could then search for "commercial architects" or "interior designers" within a specified region. We used both a flash map and a standard form to enable users to drill down. The system runs on a custom built VPS platform. Site Features:
  • Yahoo Maps API Integration
  • Adaptable Radius Configurations
  • 3 Tiered Admin
  • Individual Architect Page Resolution (ie directory.2modern.com/an_architect)
  • 3 User Account Levels With Payment and Upgrade Options
  • Custom Image Resizing Scripts

We can develop nearly any sized application related to Information Systems and Data Management. We have worked with many industries and can build a customized system to meet your needs. If you're ready to get started, feel free to call us at 801-400-8480 for a no obligation quote!

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