Utah Iphone Development / Utah Android Development

IMBA - Iphone Application

We support mobile applications on both Iphone and Android. This particular app is based on the Harvard Case Method for MBAs. Videos of the app can be found here: IMBAOnline.

Text Messaging Applications

A trucking business hired us to develop an affordable alternative to GPS. We developed a text message interface where the truckers text message in and receive automated instructions. The messages may include additional information, such as routes to avoid. The system is both intelligent and adaptive, sending text messages based on the user's position.

Phone - Server Interaction

We are experts in developing VXML, Asterisk, and VOIP Applications. We also work with the Voxeo platform. Our applications bridge phones and remote devices to a web server or chip. Maxiprint INC wanted users to be able to check on the status of their order through an automated system. We integrated a phone interface into their existing e-commerce system. The system is currently operable in several languages and countries.

Home Automation Interfacing (Patent Pending US-11559806)

We recently developed a phone interface for in-home automation and industrial devices. Use our development platform to control X10 components from any phone through a phone call or text messages. Please call 801-400-8480 to acquire a custom module for your needs.

Dedicated and VPS Solutions

We have established dedicated server solutions for several companies in need of dedicated hosting or excessive bandwidth requirements. We can also build a custom SMS gateway. We also maintain virtual private servers, the perfect solution for companies that are growing, but need full access to server capabilities. Our servers are based on Windows Server 2008 technology and support the latest versions of ColdFusion and Norton Security.

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